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This is one of those sessions for me that was a win/win/ WIN!  A little while ago I was contacted by Angela, shop owner of Too Rockin for my Tutu (check her out, very cute headbands and tutus at very affordable prices!) .  She asked if I could photograph a couple on her new headband styles.  Now,  I intentionally kept the month of August light on bookings so that I can catch up from the past couple months and also prepare for the busy fall/holiday season.  I know a lot of shops prefer babies as their models, but since I didn’t really have anything, I offered up my daughter.  She said sure, and a few days later I got a couple of beautiful headbands in the mail!

This is where the win part starts coming in.  Since starting my photography business earlier this year, I have not really photographed my own kids due to sheer lack of time.  I decided to do two separate “mini” sessions in order to give each headband its own look.  When I saw the orange flower headband, I knew it would be perfect for a pretty backlight look.  I knew of the perfect little spot to shoot!  At the end of my street is what the our city calls a park.  Now for a park, it is TINY.  It’s more of a narrow lot with a sidewalk, landscaping, and a couple benches that look out over the lake.  I don’t know if I would even shoot a real session here, because anything shot at the wrong angle and you’ll see the cars on Jefferson Avenue or the houses flanking either side of the park. In other words, it would lose that magical feel the light gives. So, this is only a spot I would shoot a child that takes direction well.  With all of that said, this spot gets the most beautiful evening light, and I was just crossing my fingers that Addison would actually listen to my direction and I would get a few good shots.

To my surprise, Addison was the PERFECT model!  I guess all of the bribery and begging I did before the shoot really worked (and I think she may have actually been a little excited to be an actual model)!  I took a full session worth of photos on just one headband look!  I may have also been a little extra enthusiastic because I also got to try out my newest lens for the first time.  Being the photographer, I’m VERY pleased with this session.  Being a mother, I am over the moon with how these came out.  You better believe I am ordering a bunch of these BIG for my walls.

For instance, this one…

And definitely this one….

I really want to know when she grew up so much.

Ok, this is more like it! LOL!  This girl is such a ham!

Here are the rest that I edited from this session


The second headband was a funky hot pink feather that begged for a little more edge.  Addison definitely wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic about another photo shoot, but I did manage to get “the shot” that I had in my head when we set out.

I know she’s my little girl, but I am often floored by how pretty she is!

I didn’t take nearly as many this go around since she was being a little more squirrely. Here are the rest!

I want to thank Angela again for choosing me to represent her shop.  Definitely click the link above and check out her shop!  I had a lot of fun and will now have my wall full of new photos of Addison wearing her creations!


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