The Final Post

And here we are, the final post on the blog. This is by far the hardest blog post for me to type.  Many know that my studio lease was set to expire this year and that I was waiting for the leasing company to send over an extension.  After what seemed like an eternity and several phone calls, I did finally receive that extension.  However, once I actually had it there was something inside of me telling me to not do it.   The idea of another three years tied to a lease suddenly terrified me.  The truth is, I have been thinking of my age and how that plays into making the most of my future for a while.  With everything so uncertain right now, I often think about what I would do should something happen to my husband, or if he were to lose his job (many at his job just did).  As much as I love posing newborns, my business model never really brought in enough to cover us in that way.   It was a labor of love more than anything else, and the realization hit that I need to get myself into the workforce while I am still viable.    So, here I am following my gut instinct that’s telling me to move on.

To say that I am sad right now is an understatement.  I loved posing newborns, and meeting such wonderful families! It has been incredibly rewarding to create beautiful images of your little ones over the years and I am sincerely going to miss it. However, I do trust my gut and feel like this is the right decision.  I have one last session to shoot and will be selling off the contents of my studio.  You still may see a post on Facebook or Instagram from me from time to time while I am finishing up.    I want to thank all of the families I have worked with over the years and built relationships with.  Your support has been so appreciated. I used to brag to my husband how I worked with the best families in Metro Detroit….and it’s true! I’m going to miss all of you and your adorable little ones!


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