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The Studio

My studio is located in the heart of Downtown Mt Clemens. I am located inside the Vicant Building, which is (surprisingly to many) inside an office building! My studio truly is my happy place, filled with all of my "pretties" that I use to style your session!  It is kept nice and warm for newborn sessions and I my hope is that you are comfortable while I am shooting your little one!


Business Hours

All sessions take place either on weekdays (while my own children are in school), or during the day on select weekends. Since we typically do not know when a newborn will arrive, I cannot guarantee a specific day for a newborn session. Newborn sessions typically start around 9:45AM. This allows plenty of time in case your little one is in need of extra time to fall into sleep or needs extra feedings or snuggles. I do not shoot sessions during the evening hours or on most holidays. Similarly, my office hours are also during the day while my own children are in school. While I shoot at my studio, my home office is where I edit images and answer emails.   I do try to be prompt with emails, however I may be away from the office shooting a session or running an errand  (such as mailing out orders).  In order to keep that work family balance in check, I do reserve my evenings and Sundays to my family. 

Newborn Sessions

It didn't take me long to learn that newborn sessions were my favorite to shoot. However, they are also the most involved and can last up to several hours. I am a perfectionist with each newborn pose and take my time to work the pose until I am happy with the shot. Attention to detail is what separates a great newborn photographer from the rest of the pack and my passions shows through my work.

Because newborn sessions are best when done before baby is 2 weeks old, I pencil in your baby’s due date on my calendar upon booking. This holds your spot for the "month" and assures that I am available for the window when baby will arrive. It is then up to you to contact me as soon as you can after birth so that we can set up your actual session date!

When to book? The sooner, the better! Since I can only fit in 5-6 sessions in a given month, that means that my spots fill up rather quickly. Some months also fill up quicker than others. I definitely see little "baby boom's" where certain months will fill up several months in advance. I recommend booking early in your second trimester to best guarantee a spot.

Baby Milestone & Cake Smash Sessions

Baby sessions are so much fun! I love capturing babies as they grow.  From learning to hold their head up while on their tummy, to taking those first steps.  When scheduling your baby session, a happy, fed and awake baby is always best!  Schedule sessions for your little one’s best awake times and bring snacks! Cake Smash sessions are very high energy and such a great way to end the first year!  I recommend booking a cake smash session to be 3 or so weeks before the first Birthday (or party!) to guarantee that you will have your completed images on time!

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