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The W family is one that you can see throughout my blog.  I have been working with them for nearly as long as I have been in business.  I have photographed Natalie a couple times a year ever since she was just 5 months old.  This little girl is pretty awesome in her own right.  She has a personality that is mature beyond her age…. she is a bit of an old soul. . As you can imagine,  working with this family so often has me pretty attached to them.  When I found out that Renee was expecting an addition to the family, I may have squealed out loud in delight.   This session is also a bit bitter-sweet for me because it is the last session I had before my basement studio flooded.  I was literally just starting to upload Nolan’s sneak peek to Facebook when the water started coming in.  Looking back, I am so glad that this storm didn’t hit just a few hours earlier.  I cannot imagine trying to get a newborn out quickly as my space filled up with sewer water! I thank my lucky stars that this session took place when it did.

Macomb County Newborn Studio

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