Claire’s Cake Smash Session

Claire’s family is another that has been a staple in my studio over the years.  I worked with big brother Michael for newborn, sitter and cake smash sessions.  Not long after, I met Claire as a newborn and got to see her again for her sitter session!  These little ones have been super great to work with and I just love when I get to see this family!  However, this time Claire had a different opinion about photo sessions…..cake smash sessions in particular.  Her momma had picked the cutest outfit and brought the prettiest cake.  However, Claire was not having any of it!  We tried SO hard to encourage her to eat the cake and would have been happy if she wanted to play with it, but she didn’t like that idea.  It was clear at this point that she was tired and I was hopeful that a nap would help her feel better and that she would enjoy her cake. Her parents took her for a ride in the car and came back again when she woke up. We were so hopeful when we set her back in front of her cake, but she still wasn’t having it.  Fortunately, her parents stopped at McDonald’s while she napped.  That did the trick for a little while!  We had a few moments where she was pretty happy to eat some nuggets while I snapped away.   Sometimes little ones just have different ideas for how the session will go and we are at their mercy.  I admit that her session makes me laugh as I have a feeling this may end up in her graduation slide show when she is older!


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